Dear Friends,

If there’s one thing I’d want people to understand about Tampa Jewish Family Services, it’s that we’re not just a Community Food Bank. Or a counseling service. Or a financial assistance program. Or a referral service.

Don’t get me wrong – we certainly are all of these things and proud to be! But we are also so much more.

In reality we are an agency that works tirelessly to help those in need, even if those needs fall outside of our traditional service offerings. For example, at the end of last year we had a man come to us from Georgia. He was preparing for a kidney transplant in Tampa and needed help finding housing. Now was this part of our normal assistance? Not exactly, but we were more than happy to help him find housing, get settled, prepare for his transplant and now are thrilled to see him healing and thriving.

We get special requests all the time and do whatever we can to fulfill them, along with the day-to-day requests we receive. If we ourselves can’t serve someone in need then we find someone who can. We never say no.

This is what we do because this is who we are. We are Tampa Jewish Family Services, and we are here to help.

Best Regards,

Dr. Beth Ann Gemunder, TJFS CEO