Plan A Food Drive

Community Food Drive Program Guide
Tampa Jewish Family Services’ Community Food Bank provides 5,000 full bags of food to families of all faiths in Hillsborough County each year – 350 to 450 families per month.  This includes regular monthly and emergency food distribution at its Citrus Park and Brandon locations, and various other agency distributions for holiday and special needs requests.  It is an enormous undertaking to secure this volume of food, estimated at 81,000 pounds per year, not to mention the volunteer manpower needed for distribution.

How your company can help by conducting an employee food drive.
Three easy steps:

  1.  Announce employee Community Food Drive two-weeks prior to starting a four-week Food Drive. Many organizations also find a two-week Food Drive to be successful.
    Provide employees with Community Food Bank Fact Sheet.
  2. Place a large container(s) to hold food donations in a central location: i.e. cafeteria, break room or employee lounge
    Affix label with Tampa Jewish Family Services logo to container.   Sample Food Drive Label
  3. Ask employees to consider donating one or two cans of food each week during the four-week Food Drive. You’ll be surprised how quickly and effortlessly the donations grow. TJFS will pick-up your donation at the conclusion of your Food Drive program.

Best time of year to conduct an employee food drive?  
Tampa Jewish Family Services works with organizations that hold employee food drives at various times throughout the year. However, we have learned that employees tend to embrace the Food Drive concept during the key holiday months of November and December when there is an increased awareness of community need. Keep in mind that Tampa Jewish Family Services distributes food during these key months by mid-November and early December. If you choose to conduct a Food Drive during this time, remember to factor-in the six-week lead time to meet the agency’s distribution schedule.

Company Recognition

  •  Tampa Jewish Family Services will issue a news release at the conclusion of your company’s Food Drive, announcing the generosity of your organization, pounds of food donated, the impact on TJFS and the community, and other key messages that you provide about your organization.
  •  TJFS will prominently feature your organization and the Food Drive on our website, as well as provide a link to your company’s website.
  •  At the conclusion of your Food Drive, TJFS will feature your organization in our agency’s e-newsletter issued monthly to more than 1,000 individuals and businesses.

Food Items Needs
Helping to stock the Tampa Jewish Family Services Food Pantry is easy. One or two items donated from the list below, by your staff, will help TJFS stock its Food pantry in preparation for helping individuals and families throughout Hillsborough County. All donated items must be non-perishable. *Proteins, such as tuna fish and peanut butter, are needed to feed the hungry.

  • Tuna Fish*
  • Peanut Butter*
  • Canned fruits / vegetables
  • Rice / Cereal
  • Pasta / Beans
  • Cookies / Crackers

How your donation helps?
Your donation will help Tampa Jewish Family Services serve thousands of individuals and families in need throughout Hillsborough County. Some people need a little support, others need more help facing life’s challenges. We are here to help.

Ideas to Engage Staff to Particiate in Community Food Drive
In exchange for participating in the Community Food Drive, raffle off a prize or two:

  • key parking spot for one week
  • gift card
  • paid day off
  • casual dress day
  • free lunch

In exchange for casual Friday dress, participants donate two cans of food.

In exchange for participating in a special lunch hour program, employees donate a can of food for the price of admission.

In exchange for bringing a can of food to an organized staff meeting, participants are entered into a prize drawing.

Company executives pledge to match winning department/or company’s total food donation.

Departments compete with one another to decorate the most attractive food receptacle to collect donated food. The department that wins the decorating contest and/or pounds of food collected wins a prize:

  • lunch delivered
  • coffee and donuts for morning meeting
  • $10 coffee gift card for each department member
  • staff contribution profiled in company newsletter

Promote the Community Food Drive by offering creative and entertaining ideas:

  • Meal Monday
    Create an interesting Monday night meal for a family of four.
  • Tuesday Tuna
    Have a “gone fishing” contest to see who brings in the most canned tuna fish. An employee becomes the ‘King’ or ‘Queen’ of the sea for a day.
  • Italian (or other theme) Dining
    Collect items for a themed dinner: spaghetti sauce, pasta, parmesan cheese, canned fruit, and salad dressing.
  • Meals in a Bag
    Be creative and make a dinner menu for a family of four:
    *Tuna helper, cans of tuna, canned fruit, muffin mix
    *Cans of beef stew, canned green beans, fruit cocktail, cookies
    *Cans of soup, box of soda crackers, canned fruit, juice, jar of peanut butter
    *Cans of chili, cans of pears, canned vegetables, box of crackers
    *Box of cereal, Pop-Tarts, canned fruit, juice

Call 813-960-1848 for more information and support materials.