When I was asked to write about the transition into the summer for students, I thought back to my own summers. When I was growing up, my two siblings and I would complain to our dad that we were bored. This was in the middle of the summer break from school. The way he handled it was by suggesting that we simply get out of the house. We did that, and it turns out he was right.

Most students look forward to the break and dream about plans for summer break. As the summer goes on, it’s natural to become a little bored after the busy school year has ended.

Taking this task a step further, I asked a high school senior how he made the transition into the summer in years past. He stated, “the idea is not to get too bored.”  He participated and was involved in volunteering. He not only got out of the house, but gave something back to our community.


  • Help out in some way in your community.
  • Consider making a visit to an elderly loved one, which usually cheers them up.
  • Organization is a proven way to feel better, so maybe begin to do that with your personal space.
  • Ask a friend or sibling to go the gym with you or to go for a walk in a park (I call that “outdoor therapy”). Movement is a proven way to help with mood.
  • Pick up an enjoyable book to read that has nothing to do with school.

For most students the school year can be stressful. It’s important to find ways to get out and have some fun and enjoy the summer downtime.